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Lodge 216

Founded November, 1892


Lodge Meeting Nights & Wednesday nights 5-10 PM.

We will add more nights as we get more volunteers

Wednesday is Burger and Queen of Hearts

San Antonio Elks Cowboy Pitchfork Fondue - March 6th, 2015
Buy your Cowboy Pitchfork Fondue tickets here!

San Antonio Elks Chuck Wagon Cook-off - March 7th, 2015

More details on the Pitchfork Fondue and Chuck Wagon Cook-off

San Antonio Elks Awards Dinner - March 13th, 2015

San Antonio Elks Flag Day Festival Run and Car Show - June 13, 2015

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GOALS for 2014-2015:

  • Add 50 new members- at mid year, we have added 20.
  • Meet our budget targets- at mid year we are meeting this target
  • Increase our per capita ENF donations to $15- we have met this goal a 500% increase over 2013
  • Increase public awareness of the lodge with our community
  • Add one new charitable activity to all we do today:
    • Semimonthly visits to the Audie Murphy VA Hospital to entertain the patients
    • Free Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners for VA patients- funded thru donations
    • Host frequent free meals at the lodge for Veterans
    • Provide access to over $4 million in college, vocational, Elks, and Eagle Scout Scholarships
    • Food baskets to Family members of deployed military spouses
    • Provide unique education opportunities to elementary school kids through our Chuck Wagon Cookoff and other community outreach activities,
    • Support a Boy Scout and a Cub Scout Troop
    • Host a Free Throw Shooting Contest (Hoop Shoot)
    • Support a free summer camp for 350 Children with Special Needs
  • We added a Haunted House for Special Needs Children in Oct
  • We added the Head for the Cure 5K race which raised over $100,000 for brain cancer research


  • We will get new members and increase public awareness by spreading the word about the great things the Elks continue to do.
    • Have more activities targeting our primary missions of helping kids and veterans
      • Reach out to some inner city neighborhoods to participate in our events
      • Use a new ENF Freedom Grant for a new project to help Vets.
      • Add a new event we call Bluebonnets and Easter Eggs- an Easter Egg hunt for Children with Special Needs.
    • We should talk to our friends and neighbors and encouraging them to participate in our activities.  Once they see what we do, a few will want to join us.
    • We will Redouble our efforts to send out press releases and seek opportunities to be in the news
  • We will improve our financial position by:
    • Actively managing our investments using low risk mutual funds-on track
    • Relying more on volunteers for bartending duties, rental management, custodial duties, and maintenance- complete and this is working very well and saving us a lot of money
      • Bar hours will be adjusted to the availability of our volunteers.  Right now, Wednesday will be the only guaranteed night we will be open from 5-10PM.  Closing time will depend on the number of customers.  Burgers will be served from 5-7 and the Queen of Hearts Raffle will be at 8PM.
      • If you have an interest in volunteering during the week or during one of our rentals, please let me know.  We would like to be open more nights, but we need ideas for attracting customers.
    • Actively marketing the lodge for Rental and catering activities through the use of social media, and targeted local media.- Lodge rentals have increased 500%
    • Outsourcing our kitchen- let me know if you know a company interested in doing this.- We found a catering company to help with the kitchen.
    • FUNdraising events:
      • Chuck Wagon Cookoff and Cowboy Pitchfork Fondue Cookout and Dance
      • Hold 9 chili cookoffs
      • Add a Flag Day 5K Run on June 14th
      • Halloween Party
      • New Year’s Eve Party

Fasten your seatbelts; this year is going to a FUN year with lots to do.  I need your help, so keep those ideas coming and chip in when you can.  We would also appreciate extra financial donations for contingency repairs.  Major unplanned expenses are the only thing I see that can impact our ability to make our financial targets.  Our kitchen equipment is very old and in serious need of an upgrade, so we need a contingency fund.  So if you have the funds, please donate something.  It is tax deductible.

Remember that it’s all about having FUN and helping the vets and kids.

Bruce Pinnell
Exalted Ruler

If you are retired and have some extra time, please consider volunteering at the lodge as the Lodge Manager, Club Manager, House Committee, or as a bartender. Without volunteer assistance we may have reduce the hours of the bar and curtain meals. We have sufficient volunteers to cook, but not enough to manage the food and beverage operations. Contact me if you are interested. 210.372.0469

I ask each of you do reach out to a friend or neighbor and invite them to the lodge for a meal or a special event.  There is a lot going on at the lodge and we can all have more fun if we have more members/guests participating.  They do not need to be Elks to come to the lodge as your guest.

RED PIGS: The lodge has a red pig fund that benefits the Texas Children’s Camp in Ottine.  The idea is that you put your loose change into the pigs and when the pig is full, bring the coins to the lodge and we will deposit them in a special reserve account that will be given to the Camp.

All members are encouraged to get one of these pigs the next time you are at the lodge.  If you know a gas station or convenience store near your house that could use one, please take them one.

Thank you for all you do,

Bruce Pinnell
San Antonio Elks Lodge


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